How to increase Ram in Android Phones|Ramexpander
How to increase Ram in Android Phones|Ramexpander

One of the most hot topic now a days is Android and it is just because of its great features. It makes life easy and offers such application which make work easy and fast. There are lot of companies in mobile market which offers Android phone at low price like Micromax and some other companies like Karbonn, Lava offers good Android devices but the ram of all these devices is quite low so we cant play amazing games like: Grand Theft Auto (GTA): Vice City/3, Most Wanted/Hot pursuit/Shift, The Amazing Spider-Man, Need For Speed (NFS), Temple Run: 1, 2, Angry Birds Space, Subway Surfers, Nova, Gangstar: 2/Rio, Fifa 13, Where's my Water/Perry, Cut The Rope and much more and also other apps. Then what we do and how we play all these games and apps with low RAM? Isn't we increase Android RAM? 
Yes! we can increase Android RAM with the help of the app named "ROEHDOFT RAM-EXPANDER -ROOT". This app was developed by ROEHSOFT and this makes a file called swap file in SDcard which is virtual ram. This will make heavy games run flawlessly in your Micromax Android devices and also can be used all phones having SWAP support in their kernel. Now you think about

what is Swapping? 
Swapping is a technology which makes virtual RAM in SD card and takes RAM utilization from there only and it also use in iPhone but now you can use it in Android so you don't no need for script for swappiness. This RAMEXPANDER is come with a new technology "min-free KB" that makes phone not too hot while more demand of RAM and Micro SD Card can be RAM of your android devices which supports SWAP technology like: Samsung Galaxy Y, Micromax A87, Micromax A57 and many more. Below is the method of how to make SWAP partition on Any Android device so now you can learn How to increase Ram in Android Phones|Ramexpander

Top Features of RAMEXPANDER
  • Free SDcard memory can be used as a RAM (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)
  • Can increase swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB
  • The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with SDcard from class6
  • Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
  • Autorun
  • Swappiness kernel parameter set
  • Easy foolproof use (1 click optimization and automatic calculation)
  • Supporting Tune all Android devices (root access and Kernel swap support)
How to increase Ram in Android Phones|Ramexpander

How we can use it?
First check your android device is compatible or not for this application then buy it and then you can try this app to verify if your kernel support swap or not, if it works then follow below steps

1. Download Link: ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)
2. Now follow below guide for swapping your android device
3. When you will open the application for first time then you will see which language you want so now select your language.
4. Now select "Optimal" (it will automatically recognize how much RAM is required and then it will create SWAP file according to it). After it click "Swap Activ" to make SWAP file and to enable it.
How to increase Ram in Android Phones|Ramexpander

5. Now you will see RAM of different numbers because your device much needs less or too much

NOTE: Most important you don't open any application or close this app because SWAPPING will be cancel and you have to do all this again.

6. Now follow onscreen instructions, they are much easy like a hell :P
7. When the whole process will complete you will see a grey box, now click on they grey box to complete the process then activate SWAP in your Android device.
How to increase Ram in Android Phones|Ramexpander

Now you will see widget of RAMEXPANDER and on top of its logo means its activated and you can enable this widget like any other widgets.

That's all now, install Grand Theft Auto (GTA): Vice City/3, Temple Run: 1, 2, Brave, Gangstar: 2/Rio, Oz, Angry Birds Space, Need For Speed (NFS): Most Wanted/Hot pursuit/Shift, Subway Surfers, Nova, Asphalt 6/7, Cut The Rope, Fifa 13, PES 12, Fx Guru, Where's my Water/Perry and many more which you like its my liking list :P 

How to increase Ram in Android Phones article will surely help you and if you face any problem then can free ask and Share this if it worked in your Android and enjoy heavy games with low RAM Thanks


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